Know The New Lakme CC

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November 9, 2016
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November 25, 2016

Know The New Lakme CC

The beauty and the makeup world go huge everyday with all new launches of the products. As, a makeup junkie, I literally try to hop around the online site overtime to find out all about the new products. And in my sledge I found out the Lakme Complexion Care Color transformation cream. As, the name sound very interesting, so do the product.


Lakme is the brand that I have always gone back and loved using their products every time. I was really like desperate to give this cream a try. And yes with all this craziness I give it a try. Lakme already has a CC cream in their range, but this CC cream is actually a lot different from the previous one. I would love to say it a remix or a modified new look to the previous one.

I was always in love with the Lakme CC cream (the previous one, still there in market). And yes I will say this that the new is has worked much more better than the older one for me. Its don’t also my face to look oily (I have a super oily skin). Also, I love to use it as a primer or a moisturizer before putting any makeup or foundation.

As, it says, is colour transformation it literally get transform from fully white to the foundation color.

Its available in two shades-

  • Bronze
  • Beige

Talking about the packaging- Its the basic package the tinted or any CC or BB cream are available. It has got a rose gold lid.

Price- It has cost me for 325 INR for 30gm.



  • Can be wearable for daily basis.
  • Lovely and clean packaging.
  • It has SPF30 PA++
  • Can be use it like a primer.
  • Don’t make your face look very oily.
  • Don’t have a issue of breakout.
  • Smell fresh.


  • Don’t have a high coverage.
  • Don’t stay for long without powder.


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