Seer secret Lemongrass Green Tea

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November 5, 2017
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Seer secret Lemongrass Green Tea

It’s one of my favorite jobs, for each and every tea lover for tasting and going through new flavors. I always enjoy and love to cherish my cup of tea, and being a tea lover I always dig in the search for new tea companies, and whenever I discover one I cannot stop myself from browsing through Amazon, Flipkart, etc. to find it over there and to click the buy now button.

Last month when I was browsing through Amazon (Amazon has become one of my best place to browse for one step lifestyle shopping) the actual thing is that I was browsing it to make some snack purchase. And in the recommendation bar, I got introduced to the seer secrets tea range. I really love all the beauty mist from seer secret and I was amazed at the finding of the range of tea that seer secrets have come out with.

And I got the Seer Secret Lemongrass Green Tea the tea leaves have a pleasant smell, just the smell can cheer your mood up. I always love to drink a cup of green tea after a very busy day. So after completing a shed of work I infused 2 to 3 leaves into my cup with hot water and took a sip of it believe me it was as pleasant as the smell of the tea leaves. The tea is also calming and also it helps to relax after a busy day.

Price:- Rs. 423/-

Amount:- 50gm


  • It helps in relaxing.
  • Has a pleasant smell.
  • can last for long period of time (4 to 5  leaves and you are good to go).


  • Fragile packaging.
  • Not so budget friendly.
  • Not easily available (cannot get it in stores/ find it on Amazon).
  • more leaves (more than 5) can make the tea goes strong to drink.

Hope you have got a proper brief overview of the product and also hope that all the tea lover out there will definitely give this a try. If you feel like giving this try to any Oriflame products click the bolds to shop or contact at Instagram- @blurrbeautynfashion.

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