Oriflame December 2017 Edition

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November 20, 2017

Oriflame December 2017 Edition

1st of every month I always get excited as it is the time when the monthly catalog of Oriflame arrives. And recently Oriflame is smashing the work of releasing new and exciting products. For the last few months, Oriflame is coming out with new launches or reformulating their old products which sound good. So, here comes the catalog of the final month of the year and a look to their new launches.

  • The One Blend Palette Eye Shadow– Get ready for eye play, finally The One range from Oriflame is out with its eyeshadow palette, I was eagerly waiting for this and it’s here. The palette has 8 colors in each palette, and it cost around Rs.899/-.  It has got three palettes:
  1. Smokey– It has got all the pinks and black, white and silvers.
  2. Vivid– It has got all the funky and brave colors like sky blue, green, yellow, etc.
  3. Naturelle– This is the everyday basic palette with browns and nudes.

  • Optimal Age Revive- Last month the Optimal range from Oriflame has come out with the even out range and now they are ruling with the age revive. This range has got one day cream “Optimal Age Revive Anti-Ageing Day Cream SPF 15” and “Optimal Age Revive Anti-Ageing Night Cream” both of them targets multiple signs of aging. Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and works to hydrate. The cream is blended with redcurrant (helps combat fine lines and wrinkles), linseed oil (Omega-3 and 6 help nourish, smooth and replenish), sea buckthorn (antioxidant Vitamin C helps boost skin radiance), silver birch (helps prevent dark spots). The day cream is a cost for Rs.1299/- and the night cream cost for Rs.1399/-.

  • Love Nature Shampoo For Dandruff Control Tea Tree and Burdock- I knew Tea Tree is one of the versatile essential oil and one of my favorite. The tea tree in it helps to get rid of the flakes, whilst moisturizing your hair. The burdock root contains minerals and essential oils that prevent the formation of dandruff.The shampoo is a cost for Rs.429/-.

  • Love Nature Shower Cream Nourishing Almond Oil– Hush! Hush! I am really excited to this shower gel a try only and only because of the sound of it it says it is shower cream, it already sounds nourishing. Almond oil has Vitamin A, B1 & E which helps to protect and nourish, it softens and re-condition your skin.
  • Love Nature Body Lotion Nourishing Almond Oil– I am all in this range. you know what this range is a treat for your skin. 

Both of this cost for Rs.499/- each.

  • The One Colour Unlimited Kajal- Ultimate Black– Again a very long waited product has arrived. This kajal is longlasting smudge proof and its lid is thin which gives the precise application. And also the packaging is really super handy and it cost Rs.399/-.

  • Giordani Gold Man Roll-On Deodorant– I always prefer deodorant on the roll-on form as it doesn’t irritate my skin (I have got very sensitive underarms) and Giordani Gold is the luxe range from Oriflame and it has come out with two new roll-on deodorants for man. The cost of the deodorant is Rs.209/-.

Hope you have got a proper brief overview of the products that Oriflame has got for us this month. If you feel like giving this try click the bolds to shop or contact at Instagram- @blurrbeautynfashion

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